Reviews of the Online Slot Game The Tipsy Tourist

The Tipsy Tourists is a video slot machine that tells the narrative of the workaholic Gary and his dream trip to Miami. It has 5 reels, 20 active paylines, and symbols that are themed around holidays, and each play has the potential to win up to 35,000 coins in real money rewards. In addition, much like the majority of today’s slot machines, this particular game may be played on any mobile device.

It is immediately apparent, even before you have completed your very first spin, that this is not your typical run-of-the-mill online slot game. This slot was designed to amuse and reward players by using the well-known cinematic cutscenes and bonuses offered by Betsoft. A double-up game, free spins games with sticky wild symbols, and bonus rounds where you get to drink more beers than your opponent are all included in the package to offer you the opportunity to win some money in more than one manner.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “The Tipsy Tourist”

The wonderful thing about The Tipsy Tourist is that even inexperienced players are able to enjoy it without any difficulty since it is not only simple to operate but also quite reasonable in price. You have total control over your wager thanks to the three betting options that are located to your left. These buttons enable you to decide which paylines you wish to bet on, change the value of your coins, and even raise the amount of coins that are wagered on each payline. After making your wager using these buttons, which may range from 0.1 credits to 100 credits each spin, you can get the game started by using the spin control button.

You can easily choose which of the paylines you wish to bet on by moving your cursor over the payline numbers that are located adjacent to the reels. The slot machine will then display each line for you to choose from. There are nine distinct symbols available for you to gather in order to earn money, and each of these symbols offers a payment in coins, the amount of which might grow depending on the number of coins you stake each line. When you play for real money at an online slots site, the rewards vary from three coins to three hundred and fifty coins with the least wager, but they range from fifteen coins to one seven hundred and fifty coins when you stake five coins per payline. In addition to this, while you are playing, you will have the unique opportunity to boost the value of any prize you win by making use of the game’s double-up bonus feature.

A mobile-friendly, optimized version of the slot machine is available for gamers on the go. This version of the game may be played on any smartphone or tablet that is powered by Android or iOS. To start playing on your phone, first set your wager by pressing the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen. After that, just tap the spin control button to get the game going.

Features and Free Spins Can Be Found on the Tipsy Tourist

If you want to win any rewards while you’re enjoying the warm weather of Miami, you’ll need to make sure that you line up at least three symbols of the same kind in a row on each active payline, moving in a left-to-right direction. Even if you wind up with just a low-paying sequence on your screen, you may still earn additional money by hitting the “Double Up” button after the reward has been given out. This is a pretty cool feature that makes the game more exciting. If you click on this button, you will be sent to a bonus game called “red vs. black,” in which you must choose a card color in order to either win an additional reward or lose the one you already have.

The free spins bonus is another bonus game that you get to play in BetSoft’s The Tipsy Tourist slot machine. This bonus game is activated when you obtain three of the beach ball scatter symbols anywhere on reels three, four, and five. The beach balls will provide you a bonus of eight free spins, which may be retriggered by accumulating more scatter symbols during the game. During the free spins bonus round, the slot game will award you with sticky wild symbols. These symbols will remain in their original position until the conclusion of the feature they are a part of. However, in any other circumstance than this one, the wild symbols will not stay.

The last bonus round, the drinking bonus round, is activated when three red cup symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This may happen at any time throughout the game. As part of this function, you will be asked to make an educated estimate about the result of a coin toss. If your estimate is correct, your virtual opponent will down a cup of liquid, but if it is incorrect, you will be the one to do so. You get a monetary reward for every beer cup that is finished, with the cups that were provided by your opponent providing larger winnings. The bonus will be forfeited if either you or your opponent has consumed three drinks.

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