Golden Age of Gaming’s Retro Riches Slot

Review of the Retro Riches Slot Machine Who Doesn’t Like Classic Slots? Many slot players rank them among their favorites because of the enjoyable gaming elements and nostalgic atmosphere they provide. One of the best examples of this type of game is Retro Riches. The RTP of 97% is sky-high, while the volatility of the High 5 Games slot game is moderate. With over 1,100 total victories, this is one throwback neon bash you won’t want to miss.

There is no fixed payline structure in Retro Riches. The setting is the 1990s, as shown by the vintage pixel art. It has the aesthetics of a Nintendo game, but the mechanics are completely different. This slot game is well worth your time because to its excellent base game and extra features, which may award up to 20 free spins.

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Gameplay and Payout Details for Retro Riches

The design of the Retro Riches slot machine is reminiscent of other games. If you grew up playing video games on a Nintendo or Commodore system in the ’80s or ’90s, you’ll feel right at home here. The reels are housed within a retro-looking game console. High 5 Games deserves praise for putting in the effort to get the visuals and audio just perfect.

The reels of Retro Riches are arranged in a 5×6 grid, and the game’s icons are pixelated. Cancel that assumption; it doesn’t use standard reels. The slot machine instead employs a feature dubbed Mega Pixel Pays, which is based on a grid of 2,400 dots, much like the classic video games of yesteryear.

Grey, blue, or purple may be used for any symbol outside the Star and Diamond. As the dots gain experience, they can move closer together on the grid. If a dot falls over a grey symbol, it will improve that symbol by two levels; if it falls over a blue or purple sign, it will increase that symbol by three or four levels.

High 5 Games has done an excellent job creating a slot that just appears vintage but is otherwise completely up to date.

Mobile Slot Game Featuring Classic Fruit Machines

This slot game is simply “retro” in appearance. It is compatible with today’s mobile devices and requires no downloading to play. It was developed on the HTML5 framework like the vast majority of mobile slot games, so it runs flawlessly on a wide variety of devices at the mobile casinos we suggest.

Slot Machine Action from the Past

Bets must be made before you can begin playing this classic adventure. Per-turn costs can range from $0.20 to $200. The Retro Riches slot machine has no active paylines. Instead, you’ll be working with a grid of 2,400 individual dots, each of which might contain a sign in its entirety or in part. The maximum multiplier will be applied by the slot machine when you place your stake. Maximum multiplier for a basic $1 stake is 5.

This isn’t any old slot machine. There are no reels; instead, each frame has 2,400 individual dots. Consider them the digital equivalent of pixels. When you press the Spin button, pieces will begin to cascade down from above. You win money if they land entirely within the field. It’s not uncommon for symbols to occupy the same space. If two symbols overlap, the higher-level symbol will be used instead. Dots at the first level are grey, whereas those in the second through seventh levels are various colors.

When calculating the reward, all dots covered by a symbol count. Each dot is worth one point (3 dots = one point), up to seven dots = one hundred points.

Except for the star and the Scatter, every other symbol also comes with a multiplier. The purple-blue gem can occur on any spin and double your score by x25 if it overlaps with up to 52 dots. The bell is the most valued icon, increasing your score by a factor of 25 and allowing you to overlap up to 586 dots.

Slot Machine Bonuses and Free Spins for the Retro Riches Game

If you get three or more stars that completely cover the dot grid, you get 12 free games. Free spins are awarded in increments of four, with a maximum of twenty awarded for five Scatters.

All of the extra dots start out on stage 1. They will not reduce their bonus. Even during the Bonus Spins, you may benefit from Megapixel Pays. The bonus round finishes when there are no more free spins available and cannot be retriggered.

The Spin-Crease function can activate both in the main game and the bonus round. The more diamonds you have, the better the game becomes. Collecting diamonds that completely cover the grid’s dots earns 10 Spin-Crease points.

The level of Spin-Crease increases as more of these points are earned. When it’s full, you’ll be able to use that symbol on subsequent spins. For higher scores, additional symbols will become available.

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Return to Player, Maximum Win, and Volatility for Retro Riches

The Return to Player for High 5 Games’ Retro Riches slot machine is 97%, which is above average for a game with medium volatility. The highest payout is just 1,186 times the wager, which is rather low.

Final Say on the Retro Riches Slot

There’s little doubt that Retro Riches is unlike any other slot machine game out there. It eliminates every standard feature of slots while adding some novel ones inspired by classic gaming consoles. It may seem complicated at first, but once you’ve played it a few times, you’ll fall in love with it.

Try it out for fun to get a feel for the game, then go on to the real money slots and hope for overlapping dots.

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